Real-time Notifications

The article shows you how you can enable real-time notifications within the app along with how you may avoid these emails going to spam (scroll towards the bottom)
NOTE: As new notification options become available. They will show on this same page.
Available Notification Options at the moment includes
  1. 1.
    New Order Notifications - You may enable this feature if you would like for your vendors to be notified instantly via email when their items have been sold on your store. Only orders Marked As Paid have notifications sent.
  2. 2.
    Account Request Notification - You may enable this feature if you would like to be notified when there are vendor account requests for your store.
Here's a quick video to show you where you can enable/disable the above notifications.

Avoiding Emails Going To Spam

To avoid notification emails going to spam for some instances, we recommend that you ask your vendors/sellers to add either your whitelabel email or our notifications email ([email protected]) to their email client contacts book.
The videos below show the steps on how this can be achieved for both Gmail and Hotmail. We will be more than happy to add more email clients if you have suggestions for them.
When creating a contact, we recommend adding the following information.
First Name: Your Business Name or PuppetVendors
Email: Your Whitelabel Email or [email protected]
How to add a contact to your Gmail account
How to add a contact to your Hotmail account