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[Beta] Stripe Payouts
The article gives you important information about Stripe Payouts. Stripe Payout allows you make payouts to your vendors via Bank Transfer (ACH) or card.

This is an invite-only feature and is only supported for merchants from a few countries at this time. Please reach out to PuppetVendors support to opt-in.

The Stripe Payout feature allows you to pay your vendors directly to their bank account (ACH Transfers) from within the PuppetVendors app.
To use this feature, you must meet all the requirements listed below.
    Please make sure that you are eligible based on where Stripe is geographically supported for the payouts feature. Click Here To Check Eligibility
    Add business details to Activate Your Account.
Make sure you see the above image before going to step #4
4. Complete your platform profile
5. Customize brand settings (Adding a business name, icon, and brand color is required for Connect Onboarding).
6. Sufficient funds is in your Stripe account. Payouts are funded using your Stripe balance (click here to learn how you can add funds), so be sure to add enough to cover your payouts total
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