[SOON] Paypal - Introduction

The article gives you important information about the Paypal Payouts feature. It is recommended that you go through the details below before using it.

This is an invite-only feature. Please reach out to support to opt-in.

The Paypal Payout feature allows you to pay your vendors directly from within the PuppetVendors app.

To use this feature, you must meet all of Paypal's requirements below.

  1. A PayPal business account (Only PayPal business accounts can be used) - Click Here To Sign-Up!

  2. Access to PayPal Payouts - Click Here To Request for Payouts Access

  3. A confirmed identity (Confirm Identify), email (Confirm Email), bank account linked to your PayPal business account (Link Bank Account)

  4. Sufficient funds in your PayPal business account. Payouts are funded using your PayPal balance, so be sure to add enough to cover your payout total, including fees.

Source: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/payouts/integrate/prerequisites/

Note that PuppetVendors DOES NOT charge any additional fees or commissions to use this feature besides the monthly subscription for the payouts feature. However, PayPal does charge fees per transaction to use their integration.

  • The app uses their API integration (PayPal fees are lower using this option).

  • It is recommended that your Paypal's account primary currency is the same as your payouts account. So if your account is in US Dollars (USD), all your vendor Paypal emails should also be in US Dollars (USD). Although, different currencies would still work but is not recommended.

Paypal Fees can be found here. https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/merchant-fees#maxfeecap